I can’t believe it’s already December and we are well on our way into the holiday season. Even though I’m not a huge fan of cold weather, I just LOVE this time of year. Lights on the trees, dressed up storefronts and the non-stop loop of holiday music. I know it’s annoying to most, but I freak’n love it. Did I mention I was a MACY’s elf one year?

Even though the holiday cheer lights me up, it’s a constant battle trying not to get sucked into the seasonal sales, the pressure of perfect gifting, and let’s not forget the infinite bounty of holiday treats that stare you down from every corner.

This is the time of year that I have to work really hard to practice what I preach.  “Clear your space, clear your mind” – A mantra I say over and over again.


It’s important to recognize the season’s clutter and work towards making smarter more balanced choices.”

“Clear your space, clear your mind,” rings true for ALL forms of clutter (physical, mental and body). These three forms of clutter work hand in hand. When your space is cluttered, it stresses you out. When you’re stressed out, you start to feel bad about yourself. Feeling bad about yourself leads to unhealthy habits. You know what I say about all that? BA-HAMBUG!

It’s important to recognize the season’s clutter and work towards making smarter more balanced choices. When I’m confronted with a deal that can’t be beat or a slice of pecan pie that that has my salivary glands working on overdrive, I ask myself, do I need this? Do I absolutely love it? Will I feel good after the moment has passed? 92% of the time, the answer is no.

But who wants to say no ALL the time?  So I pick my battles and splurge in ways that allow me to maintain control of the holiday clutter.  For instance, I purchased a Cyber Monday fancy shmancy fitness package AND joined Weight Watchers (two buys that help me keep my focus during this time). As for gifting others, I just don’t put that pressure on myself anymore. I’m very realistic about my budget and only give what I can give. I accept this and grant myself permission to move on and enjoy the spirit of the holidays instead of frantically running around all season long. Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be about anyway?

By confronting the clutter that tempts us all during this time and maintaining control, you can easily transition into the New Year already feeling great…