You want me to climb through where? Ok.

I can't move. There is stuff everywhere.

Boxes, and wires and dust, oh my!

I think I need to take a trip to the local hardware store to buys some supplies.

All geared up and ready to work!

A couple hundred pounds of garbage, a shop vac and some organizing and this is what is left!

Task: Organize what the client says is an “un-organizable” storage space.

Fun fact: The storage space is where #VinDiesel actually slept when he was a kid living in the old #BellLabs building AND where #AlexanderGrandBell came up with some of his greatest inventions! WHAT!?!

Challenge: 10ft ladder, 2×2 opening and mounds of stuff make for a very challenging space to work in.

Action Plan: If you can’t move through the stuff you must remove the stuff. And boy did I! I removed 100lbs of garbage with some muscle assistance and was able to shift the rest of the contents in a 4D game of Tetris. All the contents were sorted, identified and placed based on accessibility needs. Typically, I transfer storage contents into clear bins so you can see what’s inside the bins, but in this case we opted to only use labels and make an inventory sheet.

Result: A clearer, cleaner and more accessible storage space and of course HAPPY CLIENTS!