Although it may be small, don’t overlook the power of the almighty bathroom.  It’s your first destination in the morning and the last destination before going to sleep.  The bathroom sets the tone for your day and caps off your night.  It’s important to wake up to a clear space, clear mind and begin your day with ease. That’s why it’s time to get organized with these bathroom tips!

To begin, remove contents from cabinets and drawers, one space at a time (don’t empty everything or you could find yourself totally overwhelmed and drowning in a sea of product). Get rid of expired medications, old or broken make-up, dated nail polish, etc.

Don’t forget to discard the mousse, gel or face lotion that was supposed to be the miracle product you’ve been looking for, but, it was not. Yet another disappointment that you spent way too much money on and now you are storing because you can’t bare the thought of throwing it away.  We’ve all been there.  Toss it now!  If you don’t like it, you aren’t going to use it.  Trash the broken hair clips, hair ties and other impulse-buy accessories that you don’t use.  You know the headband that gives you a headache, or the cool clip that rips your hair out every time?  Get rid of it!

As a general rule, don’t hold onto things because you want them to work or think they could work one day.  The bottom line is they aren’t working! It’s time to clear your space.  You have limited bathroom storage and you should only keep things you actually use and love.  Once you’ve discarded all the stuff you don’t need or use, it’s time to clean your bathroom with a simple sanitizing wipe.  Spray down grimy shelves. Remove excess crust from the outside of product bottles.  Do a once over with a dust-buster to remove hair and other particles that have been building inside your drawers/cabinets.

Now you’re ready to put the contents back.  Be sure to designate a space for each type of product (hair, oral hygiene, make-up, etc.) and remember, like-items with like-items!  Here’s a quick tip: store similar loose items together in clear storage containers, jars or Tupperware.  You can use whatever works for you or what you already have in the house.  When putting items back, make sure all contents are visible because the old saying is true: out of sight out of mind!  If for whatever reason you can’t see everything, it’s imperative to label the outside of bins or the front of shelves.  This way you always know what’s lurking behind another product.